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Student Alumni Associates

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Contact: Laura Wedin, Student Programs Director

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  • Network with alumni
  • Work with university faculty and administration members, staff and students
  • Gain valuable personal growth, leadership, and organizational skills
  • Gain experience and networking opportunities
  • Contribute and create new campus life traditions
  • Attend the regional ASAP student-based CASE conference
  • Make life long friends!

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Membership Process

Our new member selection process occurs each year during the spring semester. Students must possess the motivation and leadership qualities we expect from our SAA members

Students are selected from an:

  1. Information Session
  2. Application form submission
  3. Interview with the Membership Committee

Only 100 seats are available for this leadership experience!




Student Alumni Associates (SAA) is an official affiliate of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association. SAA was organized to better orient undergraduates concerning the programs and services of the Alumni Association. Traditionally, SAA has approximately 100 members who are engaged in a variety of activities to promote Virginia Tech.