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Tradition [truh-dish-uh n] (noun): a continuing pattern of culture beliefs and practices.

The traditions embodied by the community at Virginia Tech goes beyond Hokie football and gobbling like a turkey. The traditions embodied by the community at Virginia Tech stem from being a community. The traditions embodied by the community at Virginia Tech are for life.

The Ring Tradition has a very special place in the hearts of Virginia Tech students, alumni, and faculty and staff. It is a tradition like no other – one that is unique to each class at Virginia Tech. Since 1914, each class has celebrated and continue to celebrate events like Ring Premiere, Ring Dance, and the Sabre Arch. These events symbolize the accomplishments of the class, their journey ahead of them, and the unity of each class that came before them.

This unity is represented by the class ring – a ring that is designed each year by students, tailored to the qualities that make their class unlike any other. Not only does the ring represent the individuality of each class, but it also continues the history of the university dating back to 1872.

Ring Premiere


This past fall, the ring for the Class of 2017 was be revealed in Burruss Hall. Each ring has a university side and a class side, but the ring design committee worked closely with a graphic designer from Balfour to make the ring embody their class. The night was culminated with the displaying of the design, and concluded with fireworks on the drillfield.

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Ring Dance


Each year in the spring, Ring Dance is held. For the respective class, students celebrate their time at Virginia Tech and honor past traditions with events throughout the week as well as the banquet and dance that happens on the weekend.

Friday April 1, 2016
Saturday April 2, 2016
Squires Commonwealth Ballroom

Ticket Distribution

Tickets are free but required for admission to the dance. Juniors may choose only one dance night to attend. Students who have purchased 2017 class rings will have first call on ticket distribution. Each Junior can pick up two tickets for the dance but if their date is also a VT Junior, we ask that the date pick up their ticket separately. Please bring your Hokie passport. Names will be checked off of a roster.

Dates for Ticket Distribution:

Juniors who have ordered rings:
March 14 – 18 and March 21 - 25

All Juniors:
March 28 – April 1

Squires Ticket Office hours:
12 – 5 PM, Monday - Friday

Ring Delivery*

Tuesday - Friday, March 29 - April 1
Squires Williamsburg Room
10 AM - 4 PM

Bring your final payment if necessary (no cash please) and your Hokie passport.
Special wood Virginia Tech ring boxes will be available for $15 (cash only)

*2017 rings ordered by late January will be available for delivery

Ring Dance FAQs

May I bring a date from another school?
Yes, dates from outside of Virginia Tech are allowed. You are permitted 2 tickets but if your date is also a Junior at Virginia Tech encourage them to pick up their own ticket so there are enough tickets for all Juniors who wish to attend.

What is the appropriate attire?
Formal attire is requested but tuxes are optional. A dark suit is suggested for men; a coat and tie is acceptable. For women, evening style dresses, either cocktail or long gown length are acceptable.

Are women required to wear a white dress?
The white dress at ring dance has been a tradition since 1934. The Class Leadership team tries to uphold this tradition but now dresses of every color are worn by women at the dance.

What if I am a member of Class of 2017 but I have senior level credits and do not appear on the Junior roster at the ticket office. How can I get a ticket?
Leave your name and email with the ticket office staff member and say you are a Junior with senior credit hours. Tickets will be held until that your class status is verified, then you will be notified.

I am co-oping this spring. How do I pick up my ticket or my ring?
We work these out case by case. Please email vtclass@vt.edu for more information.

Class of 2017

Class Motto
Praestare Traditione
Transcend With Tradition

Class Ring Namesake
Dr. Raymond D. Smoot Jr.
Class of 1969
Former CEO Virginia Tech Foundation

Class Colors

Class Sponsor
Dean Robert T. Sumichrast
Dean of the Pamplin College of Business
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Leadership Team

Get in touch with us

If you have any questions, please send us an email at vtclass@vt.edu. Each Class level at Virginia Tech has an announcment-only Listserv used to inform the Class members of Class activites and Student Programs of the Alumni Association. Class Listservs are compiled by the Registrar's Office of Virginia Tech. If you have enough credit hours to be included with the Class of 2016 but consider yourself part of the Class of 2017, please email the address noted above and ask to be changed.