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Being a Hokie has nothing to do with football or a Turkey. At Virginia Tech, something lies deeper. It is tradition to consistently raise over $500,000 at Relay for Life . It is tradition to round up thousands of volunteers to serve the nearby communities during the Big Event . It is tradition to just be happy and work to live through the motto Ut Prosim. As these are unique to Virginia Tech, so is the Ring Tradition.

Dating back to 1914, events like the Ring Dance, Ring Premiere and the Sabre Arch have been home to Virginia Tech. The entire class, Cadets and Students, participate to celebrate their accomplishments and honor past classes through this time. The centerpiece of this time is the class ring.

Each year, the class ring is designed by students and tailored to the characteristics of their respective class. Virginia Tech is one of only a few colleges and universities that redesigns the class ring annually. The ring serves to evoke the special experiences, memories and rich history that has accumulated since 1872. After countless iterations, the final ring design is shown in Burruss Hall at Ring Premiere, in the fall. Afterwards, students can order their rings and prepare for Ring Dance, in the spring.

The Ring Premiere

This fall, the ring for the class of 2016 was revealed in Burruss Hall. Each ring has a university side and a class side, but the ring design committee works closely with a graphic designer from Balfour to make the ring embody their class. The night culminated with the displaying of the design, and concluded with fireworks on the drillfield.

Take a look at the "video reveal" of the ring design below and stop by Squires on the days listed under "Ring Sales" to check out the entire collection!

The Ring Collection

Leaf through the 2016 Ring Collection Brochure to get a glimpse of the whole collection.

Ring Sales

Squires Student Center - Williamsburg Room
March 2nd-4th 10AM - 4PM
April 20th-24th 10AM - 4PM
Ring Delivery: March 23rd-27th 10AM - 4PM

Choosing a Class Ring

The short video below explains all the details of choosing and purchasing the ring that is best for you.

The Ring Dance

Each year in the spring, Ring Dance is held. For the respective class, students celebrate their time at Virginia Tech and honor past traditions with events throughout the week as well as the banquet and dance that happens on the weekend.

Cirque De L'anneau

A Spectacle of Tradition

March 27th and 28th, 8PM.
Attendance limited to one night only. Formal Dress Requested.

Below are the class characteristics for the class of 2016. These range from the motto, to the sponsor and more.

Class of 2016

Class Motto
Ambitione Incensi Vincimus
Ignited by Ambition, We Triumph
Class Colors
Dark Red
Pearl White
Class Ring Namesake
Benjamin J. Davenport Jr.
Class of 1964
Former Rector of the Board of Visitors
Class Sponsor
Dr. Rachel Holloway
Vice Provost for Undegraduate Academic Affairs

The Leadership Team

During the spring of Freshman year, Class Officers are elected and learn of their duties. Thereafter, they work together to choose the members of the three committees that work with the Alumni Association to plan and execute Student Programs like the Ring Dance, the Ring Premiere and the Kickoff Concert. They spend countless hours to create the best experience that they can for their class, so thank one of them if you see them around campus!

Scroll through some of the pictures below to meet all of the team and find out how each of them contribute to the class.


Luke Carroll



Caitlin Wilkinson

Vice President


Ashley Folden



Kayla Farrell



Alyssa Ta



Andrew Mitchell

Cadet Member-at-Large


Tuna Shankar

Female Member-at-Large


Will Porzio

Male Member-at-Large


Matthew Merritt

Ring Design Chair


Alexander Jones

Ring Design Committee


Martha Roszak

Ring Design Committee


Ryan Hopkins

Ring Dance Chair


Cathryn Schwing



Nicolette Glasure



Eric Daly



Sydney Seidenberg



Grace Morgan

Photography and Invitations


Nichole Jessie



Christina Patterson

Guest Relations


Izzy Siemon-Carome



Ariana Mollers



Walt Gonsiewski

Cadet Dress and Sabre


Naveen Gupta

Elections and Special Events


Colette Julson

Elections and Special Events


Joey Sorrentino

Social Media


Sarah Adams



Jacob Rendall

Leadership Committee


Sean Goodrich



For questions or more information, just email . Each Class level at Virginia Tech has an announcment-only Listserv used to inform the Class members of Class activites and Student Programs of the Alumni Association. Class Listservs are compiled by the Registrar's Office of Virginia Tech. If you have enough credit hours to be included with the Class of 2015 but consider yourself part of the Class of 2016, please email the address noted above and ask to be changed.

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