It is a time-honored tradition at Virginia Tech that members of the Sophomore Class design their Class ring. Beginning with the Class of 1914, the officers of the Sophomore Class have chosen a small committee to take on this unique endeavor. Charged with the task of combining the past as well as the future into a single unifying symbol, the end result continues to be the spirit of the Class combined with the pride of the university. Since 1911, the university's ring program has developed into one of the finest and most prestigious in the nation. Virginia Tech is one of a handful of schools that designs a traditional Class ring each year. It is distinctive from other schools as it is the only program to redesign an entire collection from initial concept to final completion. The Virginia Tech ring account is one of the most sought-after accounts in the country today. Each year, symbols have been incorporated into the traditional ring, dating back as far as 1914. The first ring featured a pair of eagles, symbolizing strength and freedom. Since then, every ring has had at least one eagle on its shank, earning the name of "The Screaming Eagle." Each Class has chosen to include symbols reflecting Virginia Tech's military heritage, campus buildings, and the Class logo and motto. The deep tradition of each Virginia Tech ring has distinguished itself from all others, making it one of the most prestigious of all. Recognizing this tradition, the Class of 2002 has designed a Collection that pays tribute to the University and the rich history that accompanies it.
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