Alumni Association

Class of 2001


Class Officers

  • President: Jonathan Harmer

  • Vice President: Jennifer Lachance

  • Secretary: Jenny Stein

  • Treasurer: Mark Bigley

  • Historian: Andrea Ruedy

  • Female member-at-large: Amy Gorrell

  • Male member-at-large: Seth Mitchell

  • Cadet member-at-large: Joe McAlarnen

Ring Design Committee

  • Ring Design Chair: George Flynn

  • Ring Design Committee Member: Jaime Goodsell

  • Ring Design Committee Member: Scott MacMeekin

  • Ring Dance Chair: Mark Bigley

  • Decoration Chair: Angela Barger

  • Banquet Chair: Kevin Rooney

  • Accessories Chair: Jacqueline Brizzi

  • Refreshments Chair: Joel Corpus

  • Photography Chair: Steve Kantz

  • Entertainment Chair: Matt Smith

  • Special Events Co-Chair: Colleen Bullock

  • Special Events Co-Chair: Sarah Erickson

  • Elections Chair: Amy Heath


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Laura Wedin.