The traditions at Virginia Tech are what makes being a Hokie so great. We jump when we hear Enter Sandman. We listen to the Burruss Hall bells every afternoon. We give back to the community during The Big Event. We run 3.2 for 32 on 4/16. We participate in the world's largest collegiate Relay For Life. We live by the motto, Ut Prosim. All of these are unique to Virginia Tech, as well as the Ring Tradition.                                                                                                               

A tradition like no other, Virginia Tech takes pride in being one of the only schools to have a unique Ring Tradition for every year. Since 1914, each class has held events like Ring Premiere, Ring Dance, and the Sabre Arch. These events symbolize the accomplishments of the class and their journey ahead of them, while honoring each class that came before them.                                                                                                               

Each year, the class ring, the centerpiece of the Ring Tradition, is designed by students and tailored to the characteristics of their respective class. This shows how unique each class is, while simultaneously unifying them with every class that has come before. The ring serves as a culmination of the rich history that has dated back to 1872. Traditionally, the final ring design is revealed in Burruss Hall during Ring Premiere in the fall. In the spring, students order their rings and celebrate their accomplishments at Ring Dance.

Ring Premiere

On October 4th, 2016, the ring for the Class of 2018 was revealed. Each ring has a university side and a class side, and the ring design committee worked closely with a graphic designer from Balfour to make the ring embody the class. The night culminated with the displaying of the design, and concluded with fireworks on the drillfield.

Take a look at the "video reveal" of the ring design below and stop by Squires on the days listed under "Ring Sales" to check out the entire collection!

The Ring Collection

Leaf through the 2018 Ring Collection Brochure to get a glimpse of the whole collection.

Ring Dance

Each year in the spring, Ring Dance is held. For the respective class, students celebrate their time at Virginia Tech and honor past traditions with events throughout the week as well as the banquet and dance that happens on the weekend.

This year, Ring Dance will be held on March 24th and March 25th from 8 PM - 12 AM. It will be in the Commonwealth Ballroom in Squires both nights.

Watch the video below to here the Class of 2017 describe the significance of Ring Dance

Ring Dance Tickets

For those who have purchased 2018 class rings, tickets will be available starting March 13. For those who have not, ticket distribution will open for all Juniors the week of March 20.

Where? Squires Ticket Office

When? March 13th - March 17th | March 20th - March 24th, 12 PM - 5 PM

How Much? $0 - Ring Dance Tickets are FREE!

Juniors may get 2 tickets each, however, if their date is also a Junior, we encourage those students to pick up 1 ticket so that there are enough tickets for all Juniors.


How do I know if I'm eligible to get a ticket?

To be considered eligible, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Junior Academic Status
  • Started at Virginia Tech in Fall 2014
  • Graduating in Spring 2018
  • If you have any questions about your eligibility, please contact Laura Wedin.

    What should I wear?

    Formal attire is strongly encouraged but tuxedos are not required. White dresses are also not required but are tradition.

    I'm a Junior cadet, do I also get my ticket from the Squires Ticket Booth?

    No, Junior cadets will receive wrist bands and ribbons at their rehearsal the week of Ring Dance.

    My date is a grade above/below me, can they still come?

    As long as one of you is a Junior, the both of you can attend. However, only the Junior can get the tickets.

    My date is from another school, can they still come?

    Students from other schools may come if they are a date of a Virginia Tech student.

    When do I get my ring?

    Ring pick ups are from March 21st - March 24th, 10 AM - 4 PM in the Squires Williamsburg Room

    Class of 2018

    Class Motto
    mentes apertae fines consociati
    Minds Open, Aims United
    Class Colors
    Bridal Blush
    Pale Gold
    Estate Blue
    Class Ring Namesake
    Frank Beamer
    Class of 1969
    Former Virginia Tech Head Football Coach
    Class Sponsor
    Captain Vince Houston
    Virginia Tech Police Department Captain of Operations
    Frank Beamer's Protector since 1989

    Leadership Team

    During the spring of Freshman year, Class Officers are elected and learn of their duties. Thereafter, they work together to choose the members of the three committees that work with the Alumni Association to plan and execute Student Programs like the Ring Dance, the Ring Premiere and the Kickoff Concert. They spend countless hours to create the best experience that they can for their class, so thank one of them if you see them around campus!

    Scroll through some of the pictures below to meet all of the team and find out how each of them contribute to the class.


    Chris Saunders


    Drew Biddell

    Vice President

    Mahna Ghafori


    Casey Smith


    Kelly Pratt


    Maddie Mitcham

    Cadet Member-at-Large

    Kat Kolton

    Female Member-at-Large

    Rex Willis

    Male Member-at-Large

    Harvey Creasey

    Ring Design Chair

    Ganesh Annan

    Ring Design Committee

    Hiba Malik

    Ring Design Committee

    Johnny Morse

    Ring Dance Chair

    Hadley Carter


    Gracen Witt


    Katy Maher


    Alicia Curaca


    Natalie Savino

    Photography and Invitations

    Tyler Minson


    Lizzie Harrington

    Guest Relations

    Jacob Eisner


    Matt Remson

    Cadet Dress and Sabre

    Austin Koch

    Elections & Special Events/Banquet

    Jordan Selep

    Elections & Special Events/Banquet

    Marissa Milliron

    Social Media

    Jeff Krysta


    Ian Imperial



    For questions or more information, please email . Each Class level at Virginia Tech has an announcment-only Listserv used to inform the Class members of Class activites and Student Programs of the Alumni Association. Class Listservs are compiled by the Registrar's Office of Virginia Tech. If you have enough credit hours to be included with the Class of 2017 but consider yourself part of the Class of 2018, please email the address noted above and ask to be changed.

    You can also check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for the latest information. The links are shown below!